Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers

Ultra Low Flow

For ultra low flow ranges of liquids Bronkhorst High-Tech developed the μ-FLOW series for 0…30 mg/h up to 0…2 g/h water equivalent. The thermal Mass Flow Meters can be close-coupled to a LIQUIFLOW® control valve for pulsation-free control.

neglegible internal volume
analog and digital (fieldbus) communication
insensitive to mounting position

Flow ranges (based on air)

smallest 0…30 mg/h, highest 0…2 [...]

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Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for liquids in ranges between 0…5 g/h and 0…20 kg/h (water equivalent). LIQUI-FLOW® flow meters only require a small differential pressure. Despite utilizing direct measurement (i.e. without a by-pass) the temperature rise of the fluid is minimal; only approx. 1…5 °C. This greatly limits the danger of evaporation or degradation [...]

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