Gasmet™ Technologies from Finland provides solutions for demanding gas monitoring applications, such as continuous emissions monitoring, process gas analysis and ambient air monitoring. The Gasmet™ gas analyzers employ state-of-the-art measurement technologies, such as FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) and CVAF (Cold Vapour Atomic Fluoresence).

Gasmet™ CMM

The Gasmet™ CMM utilizes Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) measurement technology which is specific to mercury, ensuring very low detection limits. Also, there is virtually no interference from SO2 or HCl.

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Gasmet™ CEMS

The Gasmet™ CEMS is designed for continuous emissions monitoring measurements (CEM) and for continuous process monitoring. Measured components and calibration ranges can be changed according to application.

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Gasmet™ In-Situ

The in-situ FTIR – analyzer. For process gas & emissions monitoring applications.

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Gasmet™ in-lab

State-of-the-art instrumentation for high speed, high-sensitivity gas analysis, for example engine exhausts monitoring.

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Gasmet™ on-line

A complete line of 19″ rack mounted analyzers for quality control and process and emission monitoring.

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Gasmet™ on-site

Designed for mobility, these portable analyzers are easy to transport to any measurement site. For both ambient & emissions monitoring applications.

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