Gas Analyzers

Gasmet™ Gas Analyzers have been successfully used in a variety of different applications. Many of these applications represent real challenges from the analytical perspective as the gas compounds and matrices of the sample gas differ significantly from case to case. The Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzers can measure both organic and inorganic gases. Up to 50 different gases can be measured simultaneously with just single Gasmet™ analyzer.

Gasmet™ on-site

Designed for mobility, these portable analyzers are easy to transport to any measurement site. For both ambient & emissions monitoring applications.

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Gasmet™ on-line

A complete line of 19″ rack mounted analyzers for quality control and process and emission monitoring.

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Gasmet™ in-lab

State-of-the-art instrumentation for high speed, high-sensitivity gas analysis, for example engine exhausts monitoring.

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Gasmet™ In-Situ

The in-situ FTIR – analyzer. For process gas & emissions monitoring applications.

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