Membrane Technology and Research, INC. (MTR)
A world leader in the development and production of membrane-based separation systems for the petrochemical, natural gas, and refining industries.

Refinery and SynGas

For hydrogen recovery, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) recovery, syngas upgrading, or carbon dioxide removal, MTR has the membrane for you. MTR offers a variety of solutions tailored to your specific separation needs.

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Natural Gas

MTR supplies a range of membrane technologies for natural gas processing.

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Since 1996, MTR has installed over 20 VaporSep® systems for recovering propylene and nitrogen from resin degassing bin gas. The typical payback time for propylene recovery is less than 1 year. MTR has worked successfully with a variety of process licensors, including Novolen, Innovene, Mitsui, and Unipol…

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